Apr 25, 2011

Project 14: Bejeweled Crosses

Today was the last class of the semester and in honor of Easter Monday, we made Bejeweled Crosses.  It signifies that we are all jewels in the eyes of Christ and he sacrificed His Life for us all.  These were some of the beautiful crosses that our class created.

Apr 12, 2011

Project 13: Bird Feeders

After a long winter, Spring is finally here. This project students made Bird feeders using simple items such as pine cones, shortening, bird seeds, and yarn.  Several students took the opportunity to hang them on trees after they were completed.
I'm sure all of our feathered friends will enjoy these. Bon Appetit!

Mar 28, 2011

Project 12: Juice Pouch Wallets

Green projects always give a great sense of pride.  Not only did we make something we will use again and again, we made it  from recycled  juice pouches. We used empty, clean juice pouches to make wallets. We whip-stitched them together and added little special touches to them.  Some students added beads, others added foam embellishments.   Not are they fun to look at and carry around,  they are great to keep loose change in. Juice pouch wallets, work great for gift cards, library cards, receipts, Chuck E. Cheese or Arcade Coins, prize tickets or a little keepsake pouch.  My students did a great job on these.

This is a sample of the project.  I whip stitched yellow ribbon around the border and put a little zig zag of hot glue at the top near the closure.  I made a little faux snap with a purple  floral bead with a yellow bead inset.

This pouch is was made by a student whose favorite juice pouch flavor is wild cherry.  The student also decorated the closure with her initial.
This is an awesome pouch.  The silver and green looks hip together. This juice pouch wallet was done by a Kindergartner! Great Work!

This was made by a second grade student. The heart looks fantastic on this wallet.
This was made by one of my older students.  Blue was a great choice!

Project 11: Comics

Its always fun to use one's imagination to create something that tells a unique story.  For Project 11, students made small comic books with a superhero theme.  Comicbook characters ranged from Housewives with magical powers to Aliens.  Here are a few samples of our work.

Mar 14, 2011

Project 10: Mail Art

Writing letters has been replaced with email. It is a lost art.  To encourage our students to write letters to family and friends, we explored the world of Mail Art.  Mail Art is  turning a simple envelope into a work of art.  Mail Art is creating an envelope that will be cherished for years to come.  Mail Art is using your imagination to make something beautiful that will make someone smile  as they check their mailbox.  The following  are brilliant envelopes that will be as fun to use as they were to make.
Happy Letter Writing!

Project 9: Terrific Tins

This was a great "green" project.  This project I call Terrific Tins.  We used empty Altoid tins to make special holders for a variety of things.  They are a good size for holding anything from lunch money to golf tees.  Here are some of the Terrific Tins our class created.   

We started off with a clean Altoid Mints tin.
This one has a spritz of red glitter around the top and a funky leopard print around the edge of the tin.This was the example I made for the class to see.  It will be  great for lipstick, make up and tissues.
The tin has a fun animal print on the side.

This tin was used for mini legos.

This tin had 4 chickens on it, all with googly eyes!

Project 8: Funky Frames

It's always nice to have a frame that is personal. Frames are excellent gifts to remember parties or family vacations by.  A frame holds the memories of the one it features but, a personalized frame captures the creativity of the one who designed it.  Project 8 was "Funky Frames".  Students had the opportunity to decorate their frames with material that reflected their personalities.

Personalized frames say it all!

Personalized frames give it such a special touch.

The sprial pasta also known as "wacky mac" gives this frame movement.
This frame looks almost good enough to eat.
The glitter glue smiley faces and the glitter heart just makes you want to smile.

The choice of the color green gives this one a special touch.
This is definately a Sports Fan.
This frame just pops with happiness!
The above picture frame  was proudly made by my youngest student who is four years old.

Feb 23, 2011

Project 4: Jewelry

This was our fourth creative endeavor that I forgot to post earlier.  Jewelry making was one of my most enjoyable classes.  Jewelry making was a lot of fun from sorting the beads to playing with them, and making necklaces and bracelets,  it was thoroughly enjoyed. We had a chance to create a few pieces of jewelry that was a style of our own.  I had a few animal beads that went fast.  The transparent  beads were also popular.

Some of my younger students got creative and  used chenille sticks, also known as pipe cleaners to string there beads as pictured as the bracelet that is on the far upper right portion of the picture.

I found that using  elastic string over the plastic string for beading works best.  I also used a dab of glue from the glue gun to seal the knots we made with the plastic string so it would not unravel.

Feb 22, 2011

Project 7: Sun Catchers

With Spring right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to paint sun catchers. Everyone painted at least two sun catchers which all came out lovely.

I can't wait for the them to sparkle in the sunshine!